Федченко Наталья

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Английский язык с Р. Брэдбери. И грянул гром

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Английский язык с Р. Брэдбери. И грянул гром - Федченко Наталья

Eckel glanced acro the va t office at a ma and tangle, a naking and humming of wire and teel boxe , at an aurora that flickered now orange, now ilver, now blue. There wa a ound like a gigantic bonfire burning all of Time, all the year and all the parchment calendar , all the hour piled high and et aflame. A touch of the hand and thi burning would, on the in tant, beautifully rever e it elf. Eckel remembered the wording in the adverti ement to the letter. Out of char and a he , out …

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