Английский язык с Шерлоком Холмсом. Собака Баскервилей

Автор: Андреевский Сергей Жанр: Языкознание  Научно-образовательная  Классические детективы  Детективы  Год неизвестен
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sign [san], eye [a], successful [sk'sesfl] "Well, Watson, what do you make of it?" Holmes was sitting with his back to me, and I had given him no sign of my occupation. "How did you know what I was doing? I believe you have eyes in the back of your head." "I have, at least, a well-polished silver-plated coffee-pot in front of me," said he. "But, tell me, Watson, what do you make of our visitor's stick? Since we have been so unfortunate as to miss him and have no notion of his errand, this accidental souvenir becomes of importance. Let me hear you reconstruct the man by an examination of it. "I think," said I, following as far as I could the methods of my companion, "that Dr. Mortimer is a successful elderly medical man, well-esteemed, since those who know him give him this mark of their appreciation." "Good!" said Holmes. "Excellent (хорошо, — сказал Холмс, — превосходно) !" "I think also that the probability is in favour of his being a country practitioner (к тому же я думаю, есть вероятность …