The Robot Brains [with w cat]

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The Robot Brains [with w cat] - Баундс Сидней

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- 5 - 63 As soon as Christian entered the Bull Hotel in Reading, Fox came running to meet him. 64 Christian smiled, pressed his friend's hand and said: "Well, what is it this time? A fall of frogs? Lights in the sky? Or some servant girl who set fire to a house by simply thinking of it?" 65 "Murder," Fox replied quietly and led Christian into the bar. They took two glasses of beer and sat down at a table. 66 "I think," said Christian, "you have some theory which explains the murders." He lit his cigar and prepared to listen. 67 "That's right, Chris," said Fox "I've been to the police, but - it was no good, of course. They did not take me seriously." 68 The captain smiled a little; many times in the past, he had laughed at his friend's theories, but in the end it usually turned out that the doctor was right. 69 "Well, what have you discovered?" 70 "I think I know something," said Fox "Each time one of these murders takes place, the Burkholder Fair is nearby. Every time - I checked carefully. …