День, когда рухнул мир

Автор: Сейсенбаев Роллан Жанр: Публицистика  Документальная литература  Год неизвестен
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День, когда рухнул мир - Сейсенбаев Роллан

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My grandfather and I also set off. Behind the village gathered other old men and women, who were going to the mountains with the animals. I saw that apart from me, there were no children. Just then I noticed the little girl Kenje sitting on the bullock cart together with her grandmother. I was overjoyed. She smiled at me and I waved back. „When we went to war, there was no such feeling of terror,“ noted one of the old men. „That was war, and this is the end of the world.“ „Then it means that young stranger was right? The one the police took away? And the leaflets he read out to us spoke the truth?“ That young man, dirty, ragged and thin, told us such terrifying stories that we, the village boys, shook in terror. He maintained that the end of the world was nigh, after which would come the day of the Last Judgement when each person would answer for their sins. Then he handed out the leaflets where (I remember to this day) in bold letter’s it stated: „THE END OF THE WORLD. 17th AUGUST, 1953. …