Английский язык для медиков: конспект лекций

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Английский язык для медиков: конспект лекций - Беликова Елена

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ЛЕКЦИЯ № 2. Tissue A tissue is a group of cells working together to do a special job. A histologist is one who specializes in the study of tissues. The cells, of which the tissues are made, contain from 60 to 99% water. Gases, liquids and solids dissolve in the water. Chemical reactions that are necessary for proper body function are carried on much more readily in a water solution. The water solution and other materials in which the tissues are bathed is slightly salty. This substance is called tissue fluid. It must be mentioned that an insufficiency of tissues fluid is called dehydration and an abnormal accumulation of this fluid caused a condition called edema. Tissue classification: The 4 main groups of tissues are: 1) epithelial tissue forms elands, covers surfaces and lines cavities; 2) connective tissue holds all parts of the body in Place. This can be fat, cartilage, bone or blood. Blood sometimes is considered a sort of tissue, since it contains cells and performs many of the functions …