Черная курица, или Подземные жители / The Black Hen

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Черная курица, или Подземные жители / The Black Hen - Погорельский Антоний

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Helpful Words & Notes drawing room — гостиная. at all — совсем, вовсе. at once — сразу же. at half past ten — в половине одиннадцатого. The boy put out the light.  — Мальчик погасил свет. once more — еще раз. no longer — больше не. Exercises 1 Say who: 1) wanted to see the inspector of schools. 2) saw the inspector through the window. 3) didn't want to take new pieces of bread from Alyosha. 4) left at half past ten. 5) entered Alyosha's bedroom with a candle in his hand. 6) said something in a strange voice. 7) put on his clothes. 2 Put the sentences in the right order. 1) Alyosha put on his coat and a hat and ran out into the yard. 2) Blacky came up to Alyosha at once. 3) "The sheet on the bed is moving!" thought the boy. 4) The headmaster went out of the house to meet the inspector. 5) Suddenly the boy heard a noise. 6) "Come with me now," said Blacky. 7) After supper Alyosha went to the classroom and sat there …