Забавные истории котенка Рэдди

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Забавные истории котенка Рэдди - Пучкова Юлия

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Exercises 1 Match. 2 Fill in: they, I, me, them, us, we. 1. _____ stand up and put on my clothes. 2. He looks at _____, and I look at him. 3. We make snowballs and throw _____ at the snowmen. 4. _____ are our friends. _____ like them. 5. We are happy. Look at _____! 3 Match. 4 Answer the questions. 1. What is the weather like today? 2. Where are the kittens? 3. What does Pinky put on? 4. What does she do in the snow? 5 Put the sentences in the correct order. 1. Blackie goes out. 2. Reddy puts on his warm clothes. 3. They play together. 4. Pinky runs in the snow. 5. They are in the living room. V. A Film or Lunch? It is very cold today. We are in the house. We are watching a film. It is about a mouse. Its name is Stuart Little. The film is very interesting. But, when I see a mouse, I am very hungry. So I say: "Let's watch another film!" "What film?" asks Blackie. "Another film. Not about mice," I say. "OK," says Blackie. He takes another film and we watch it. It is about a clown fish. Its …