Frog and Toad / Квак и Жаб. 3-4 классы

Серия: Young Readers' Club [0]
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Frog and Toad / Квак и Жаб. 3-4 классы - Лобел Арнольд

Отрывок из книги

The Letter Toad was sitting by his house. Frog came in and said, “What is wrong, Toad? You look sad.” “Yes,” answered Toad, “this my sad time of day. It is the time when I wait for the mail. It always makes me very unhappy.” “But why?” asked Frog “Because I never get any mail,” said Toad. “Never?” asked Frog. “No, never,” said Toad. “No one sends me letters. Every day my mailbox is empty. That is why the mail time is a sad time for me.” Frog and Toad sat together, feeling sad. Then Frog said, “I have to go home now, Toad. There is something that I must do.” Frog went home. He found a pencil and a piece of paper. He wrote on the paper. He put the paper in an envelope. On the envelope he wrote: “A LETTER FOR TOAD”. Then Frog ran out of his house. He saw a snail that he knew. “Snail,” said Frog, “please take this letter to Toad’s house and put it in his mailbox.” “Sure,” said snail. “I will do it very fast!” Then Frog went back to Toad’s house. Toad was in bed, sleeping. “Toad,” said Frog. …