Dear Mr. Henshaw / Дорогой мистер Хеншоу. 7-8 классы

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Dear Mr. Henshaw / Дорогой мистер Хеншоу. 7-8 классы - Клири Беверли

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2. What do you look like? I already sent you my picture, but maybe you lost it. I am medium. I don’t have red hair or anything like that. I’m not really big like my Dad. Mom says that I take after her family, thank goodness. That’s the way she always says it. In first and second grades kids called me Leigh the Flea, but I have grown. Now when the class lines by height, I am in the middle. I guess you could call me the most medium boy in the class. This is hard work. To be continued, maybe. Leigh Botts November 22 Dear Mr. Henshaw, I wasn’t going to answer any more of your questions, but Mom won’t fix our broken TV because she says it’s bad for my brain. This is Thanksgiving vacation and I am so bored that I decided to answer a couple of your stupid questions with my stupid brain. (Joke.) 3. What is your family like? Since Dad and Bandit went away, my family is just Mom and me. Before, we all lived in a mobile home near Bakersfield in California. When Mom and Dad got divorced, they sold …