The Story of Dr Dolittle / История доктора Дулиттла. 5 класс

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The Story of Dr Dolittle / История доктора Дулиттла. 5 класс - Загородняя И.

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The Fourth Chapter A Message From Africa That winter was a very cold one. And one night in December, when they were all round the warm fire in the kitchen, and the Doctor was reading aloud to them, the owl, Too-Too, suddenly said, “Sh! What’s that noise outside?” They all listened; and they heard the sound of someone running. Then the door opened and the monkey, Chee-Chee, ran in. “Doctor!” he cried, “I’ve just had a message from my cousin in Africa. There is a terrible sickness among the monkeys out there. They are all catching it – and they are dying. They have heard of you, and beg you to come to Africa to stop the sickness.” “Who brought the message?” asked the Doctor. He took off his glasses and laid down his book. “A swallow,” said Chee-Chee. “She is outside.” “Bring her in by the fire,” said the Doctor. So the swallow arrived, she was cold; and although she was a little afraid at first, she soon got warmed up [4] and began to talk. Then the Doctor said, “I need to go to Africa. But …