Октябрьская страна (The October Country), 1955

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Октябрьская страна (The October Country), 1955 - Брэдбери Рэй

Отрывок из книги

"Hell!" snorted Ralph. "You talk like Florence Nightingale's grandma." She held up the magazine. "I'll read you part of his crime story. It's got all the guns and tough people, but it's told by a dwarf. I bet the editors never guessed the author knew what he was writing about. Oh, please don't sit there like that, Ralph! Listen." And she began to read aloud. "I am a dwarf and I am a murderer. The two things can-not be separated. One is the cause of the other. "The man I murdered used to stop me on the street when I was twenty-one, pick me up in his arms, kiss my brow, croon wildly to me, sing Rock-a-bye Baby, haul me into meat markets, toss me on the scales and cry, 'Watch it. Don't weigh your thumb, there, butcher!" "Do you see how our lives moved toward murder? This fool, this persecutor of my flesh and soul! "As for my childhood: my parents were small people, not quite dwarfs, not quite. My father's inheritance kept us in a doll's …