Абхазские пословицы

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Абхазские пословицы - Шамба Олег

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 Abkhazia is an ancient country with a highly developed folk culture, and has naturally produced a large number of memorable expressions arising from this culture. The Abkhazians call their country “Apsny” which means “the land of the heart and soul” and is intended to include a wide range of deep meanings. Each generation has passed on their spirit heritage “Apsuara”, some kind of code of ethics which still influences all aspects of their lives.  For thousands of years this multinational country has survived numerous wars and other disasters, which have created the situation whereby the majority of ethnic Abkhazians now live outside the country. Nevertheless, they still maintain a very strong connection with their motherland, and this has found its reflection in many of the proverbs in this book. Some fifteen years after the 1992-93 war for independence from Georgia, Abkhazia has at last been recognized by its powerful neighbour Russia, and thus has received the opportunity for …