English Stylistics. Стилистика английского языка

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English Stylistics. Стилистика английского языка - Гуревич Валерий

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Some Characteristics of English That Are Close to Stylistic Ones a) Territorial Varieties of English With respect to the accepted literary norm (standard) of the language, we distinguish Standard (Received) English (the variant that is fixed in the written language, in works of fiction, in radio and TV speech, etc.), and non-standard English (не входящий в литературную норму), which is represented by dialects and variants of the language found in the different geographical areas where English is used. To the dialects are usually referred the non-standard varieties of English used on the territory of Great Britain, while the word variants (varieties) refers to the use of English outside this territory, e.g. the English language of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. English dialects are divided into northern (including the Scottish dialect) and southern (including 'cockney', the dialect of the area south of London). The Scottish dialect comes back to the Gaelic language ( гаэльский …