Грозовой перевал / Wuthering Heights

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Грозовой перевал / Wuthering Heights - Бронте Эмили
Автор: Бронте Эмили Джейн 
Жанр: Иностранные языки  Научно-образовательная   
Год: Неизвестен 

Отрывок из книги

Fortunately for me, the housemaid arrived just in time. She swirled around the room swinging at the dogs with her heavy frying pan, and was just chasing away the last of them when her master returned. «What the devil is the matter?» he asked angrily. But I was angry too. «What the devil indeed!» I replied. «You might just as well leave your guests alone with a pack of tigers!» At this, Heathcliff’s face relaxed into a smile. «Come, come,» he said, «don’t be flustered, Mr. Lockwood. Guests are so exceedingly rare in this house that I and my dogs hardly know how to look after them. Here, take a little wine with me. To your good health, sir!» I decided to put the unfortunate incident behind me and gracefully accepted Heathcliff’s offer of wine. Then we settled down by the fireplace and talked for almost an hour, discussing the moors and the history of the area. To my surprise, my landlord turned out to be a well-educated man, and I asked myself why a gentleman like him would choose to spend …