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Английский язык с Шерлоком Холмсом. Собака Баскервилей (ASCII-IPA)

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ign [ aIn], eye [aI], ucce ful [ @k' e f(@)l] "Well, Wat on, what do you make of it?" Holme wa itting with hi back to me, and I had given him no ign of my occupation. "How did you know what I wa doing? I believe you have eye in the back of your head." "I have, at lea t, a well-poli hed ilver-plated coffee-pot in front of me," aid he. "But, tell me, Wat on, what do you make of our vi itor' tick? ince we have been o unfortunate a to mi him and have no notion of hi errand, thi accidental …

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