Самые лучшие английские сказки

Автор: Матвеев Сергей Александрович Жанр: Языкознание  Научно-образовательная  2015 год
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Самые лучшие английские сказки - Матвеев Сергей Александрович

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Ответы: 1. A woman lies to a king; she tells him that her daughter can spin five skeins. 2. The king shuts the girl in a castle room with a spinning wheel. 3. a small demon 4. Because she thinks that he will forget about his promise. 5. a length of yarn or thread in a loose coil 6. the girl herself 7. The king learned the impet’s name. 8. The pies will be ready soon. 9. He was nervous. 10. The impet extracts from the girl a promise that she will be his. 11. The king tells to his wife, “Now give me what you promised.” 12. 1. Put the pies on the shelf, and leave them there a little. 2. During eleven months of the year she will have everything that she wants. 3. I’ll shut you here tomorrow with some food and some flax. 4. Next day that little impet looked very maliceful when he came for the flax. 14. How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune [22] Once on a time there was a boy named Jack, [23] and one morning he decided to go and seek his fortune. He did not go very far and he met a cat. “Where are …