Сила ненасилия Махатмы Ганди

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Сила ненасилия Махатмы Ганди - Кедров Константин

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As always, [nenasilie] of authority they answer violence. By Gandhi it repeatedly occurred in the prison. On the law court it recalled the words of the great American humanist of Thor: “It cannot be been by honest person without having proven to be in the prison”. On the outcome of century academician [A]. [D]. Sakharov will repeat the same words. He resisted totalitarianism by Gandhi's method. By Gandhi it conquered - India became independent variable. Sakharov conquered in 1985 - in the Soviet Union the Stalinism was exposed and condemned at the state level. But victory - this always and defeat. In independent India began the slaughter between the Moslems and [induistami]. Reconstruction in the Soviet Union is darkened by highland Karabakh, [Sumgaitom], by Fergana, by Tbilisi slaughter and now by Vilnius. Sakharov did not maintain moral flour and prematurely he left from the life. By Gandhi with the bitterness it exclaimed: “Earlier I prayed god to give to me 90 years of life, now I to …